The Furniture I designed was made and I came down to the factory where is situated Komoro city in Japan. This is so important for designer like me to have an opportunity to discuss how we are going to create products corresponding to the design plan I made.

In the process, we often discuss about “ Where we start and where we end the finish”. Sometimes for craftsman there are some difficulties to make it with my order and we have to look for a compromise to complete for each other.

What I learnt from craftsman this time was how I have to design fitting such as doors and the points how the doors are closed . As we can see from above photographs. I ordered white melamine board inside of the furniture. because of it, you can slightly see the white line from the front even when the door are closed. The craftsman noticed the “not a beautiful point” and let me know about it and this is why I visited to the factory today.

Very tiny matter and may be no one will notice it, but I believe this, I call it “noise”, may cause a uncool design overall when noises happens a lot. So my job is to get rid of noise as much as I can to make beautiful furniture !!

I designed shelves as well and they are all beautiful and I satisfied with the completion !!

Actually Komoro city is so beautiful city. You can have nice air and view like above pic and also nice Soba nuddles here. May be next time I will have a time to enjoy this city !!

If you are looking for designer and contractor or which one of those in Japan. We are happy to work with you, so please do not hesitate to contact o8Design any time !!!